Making the Big Church Small
  September 2013
   Making the Big Church Small
   What it Takes to Lead a Small Group
   When Small Groups Pray
   Small Groups & Common Pitfalls
   The Leader’s Responsibilities Between

   When It’s Time to Become Two Small

   Understanding CBC’s Sermon Based Small

   Small Groups & Christian Accountability
   My Role When I’m Not the Small Group

  Healthy Ministries Built on Strong Families
  January 2013
   Healthy Ministries Built on Strong Families
   Counseling Couples Thru Marital Problems
   Parenting the Strong Willed Child
   Money Matters and Your Family
   Navigating the Unequally Yoked Marriage
   Date Nights, Days Off & Vacations
   Singles as a Part of the Family
   Families Growing Together in Christ
   Parenting Teens in a Sinful Culture
   Biblical Forgiveness for Lasting Peace
   Parenting Young Kids in a Sinful Culture

  Taking Your Christianity Beyond Yourself
  September 2012
   Taking Christianity Beyond Yourself
   Evangelism Every Day
   From Cul-de-sacs to Biblical Conduits
   What to Do When You Go to Church
   Expanding Your Prayer Horizons
   Finding & Training Your Ministry

   My Stuff For God's Kingdom
   Balancing Home and Ministry
   Paradigm Shift
   Pastors Round Table

  Aggressive Sanctification - Jan 2012
   Justification & Sanctification
   Living for Christ with your Family
   Teamwork Makes the Dreamwork
   Wounds of a Friend
   Spiritual Fitness
   Ready, Set, Rest

  Equipped Conference - Aug 2011
   Opening Session
   The Salvation Conversation
   Forged or Found
   Our Ultimate Authority
   Friends for Life
   Directing Biblical Discussions

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